Chris Astwood is a poet from the small North Atlantic island of Bermuda. Encouraged to seriously pursue poetry by various local artists, Chris eventually went to the USA to gain his BA in Creative Writing. He graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, IL, in 2007. Chris’ experience of America broadened his subject matter significantly, and opened up within his poems a desire to imaginatively reconcile issues of space and identity. After moving to the UK and earning his MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the University of East Anglia, his poems both broadened in range and refocused on his native island. Chris draws influences from a wide array of sources including music, politics, history, and both modern and contemporary Caribbean, British, Commonwealth and American poetry. He remains a keen performer, with many organized readings and countless open-mic sessions to his name. His first performance was at an open-mic event in Bermuda called Neno-Letu, but it was at the Chewstick series of open-mic jam sessions that he really emerged. Most recently he was one of a handful of Bermudian poets invited to perform in the 2009 Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts. His poems have been printed in magazines such as UM-UM, Catch, Iota, The Caribbean Writer, Other Poetry, and Mimesis.

Picture Above: Chris was Featured in UEA Anthology 2009: Poetry.
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